England UNI definition for Americans

When we finish School we are 16

After 16, If we choose, we can go to College in which our Government pays for up to 3 years of tuition. This can be in the form of 3 x 1yr courses or a 1yr course and a 2yr course or If you are clever, you do a 2yr course then do a 2nd 2yr course (4 years at college - the government still only pays for 2 courses and as you start a 2 year course before the 3 year mark it’s classed as the 3ry mark.

Once we finish college we can pay for as many more courses as we want or if we wish to become a lawyer or doctor or engineer etc.. we go to University.

We can get our government to give us student loans to pay for our university courses (which we only start paying back after we leave uni for at least 3 years and when we are earning over 25,000 - maybe slightly different numbers these days as I’m now 30) While we are at Uni our government gives us grants (not to be paid back) to live on which (depending on course) can be thousands every few months.

Just so you American’s know…